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Wow, hot off the press.   Scholastic and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation surveyed 40,000 of America’s public school teachers for their thoughts on American Education.

This is a very interesting report.  Its too bad that they didn’t go into more detail about assessment.

At least, the survey is favorable to  formative assessment. Are we surprised?

“Ninety-two percent of teachers say ongoing in-classroom assessment is either very important or absolutely essential in measuring student performance”

“Teachers indicate that formative, ongoing assessments during class, along with class participation and performance on class assignments, are the most important measures of student achievement. “

Assessment for Learning

From Formative Assessment to Assessment FOR Learning:
A Path to Success in Standards-Based Schools

Recent articles, particularly those by Rick Stiggins, are highlighting the need to actively involve the students in the formative assessment process. 

Although the Assessment for Learning approach still is far from really bringing the student into the FA process, Assessment for Learning is an important step in the right direction.

In the Assessment for Learning approach, students are made aware of expected achiements from the beginning.    Students partner with their teacher to continuously monitor their levels of attainment and students play a role in communicating evidence of learning to peers, to their teacher, and to their families.  This approach really focuses on informing students about their own learning.

Bloom understood how important student involvement was but he didn’t spend enough time explaining it.  We feel that the article is a step in the right direction and well worth the read.